Christmas Campain 2021

January 24, 2022

A record sum!

The Foundation des jeunes de la DPJ raised a record sum with its 2021 Christmas campaign, pulling in $830,000 for the DYP’s youth. This record-breaking fundraiser stands not only as a testament to people’s motivation to help the most vulnerable young people in our society, it also shows how much trust Quebec’s population has placed in the Foundation. Quebecers recognize how important it is to back the Foundation’s crucial efforts. Thanks to this backing, the Foundation can continue to improve the quality of life of the DYP’s youth. THANK YOU!

This level of generosity shows us how profoundly our donors care about the wellbeing of our young people in the DYP and how enthusiastic they are about supporting them. We have seen an unprecedented contribution both from our longstanding donor community and from donors who have joined us more recently

Every day, we hear from people who are ready and willing to rally support for the DYP’s youth. The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ works tirelessly for the young people in the DYP’s care, alongside dedicated donors and partners.

Fabienne Audette

The Foundation distribute more than 4,000 holiday gifts. Thank you!

Supporting the DYP’S youth province-wide

Last November, the Foundation embraced an ambitious mandate, expanding its scope in an effort to bring much-needed additional support to other regions of Quebec. The Foundation will also continue its important work in Montreal, where demand for the Foundation’s assistance continues to intensify both in the volume and urgency of cases. Thanks to the end-of-year campaign, the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ will be able to set aside an initial financial package to help young people in need of protection Quebec-wide. By funding initiatives in the regions, youth support outside the capital can be more targeted, meaning that young people’s specific needs can be met.

Au Québec, l’an dernier…

young people experienced physical abuse
young people experienced neglect
young people experienced sexual abuse

2021 was a pivotal year for the future of the DYP’s youth; alongside the final report of the Laurent Commission, historic reforms were also made to the province’s youth protection law, putting the best interests of the child at the heart of decision making. The Foundation’s work forms part of a global movement to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and acted upon.

Thanks to all the donors, partners, and volunteers who contributed to the success of the Christmas campaign and to all those who participated in the extensive gift collection drive.

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