Family Support program

11 November 2021

Some parents face serious challenges and need help to fully exercise the parental roles and responsibilities related to their child.

Several factors can (mental health issues, integration difficulties among newcomers, conjugal violence, drug and alcohol addiction, poverty) prevent a child from thriving fully in their living environment.

The Foundation then comes to the aid of parents and offers early and adequate support to families by supporting the actions of those working in the DYP. Appropriate care improves the living conditions of the family environment, and children can thus evolve safely within their home.

The Family Support program in action:

  • Financial assistance for childcare costs
  • Distribution of newborn kits (maternity bag with newborn items)
  • Distribution of essential goods, equipment, and furniture
  • Distribution of stimulation kits with activity material to help 0-5 year olds develop their skills
  • Financial assistance for precarious situations: gift cards for groceries, payment of rent, payment of health care costs for families not covered by the RAMQ

The Family Support program in numbers

For 2020-2021

Number of youths who benefitted from the program
Budget allocated for the program
Age categories of youths who received help

The Foundation provides much needed and much appreciated help. Especially for a mother and her two children who are demonstrating remarkable resilience in a precarious, traumatic context complicated by the current pandemic.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Carla Orru
Community services and resources, Youth program
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