Innovative Interventions for Troubled Youths program

6 November 2021

Projects and innovative therapies to offer enriched and adapted support to DYP youths who are experiencing major challenges.

Some young people from the DYP have been removed from an unstable, violent, or toxic environments. The repercussions on their behaviour and personal development require appropriate and innovative management. The research teams of the Institut universitaire Jeunes en difficulté (IUJD) coordinate special projects for young people in great difficulty.

Research contributes to the development of knowledge relating to mistreatment, delinquency, and behavioral disorders. The studies are very useful for social workers who manage to better understand and respond to the special needs of these young people.

From these studies therapies emerge that complement intervention projects and enrich the process of support for DYP workers. They teach young people how to open up to possibilities, create other alternatives, and take back control of their lives.

The Foundation funds innovative therapies for young people

The Innovative Interventions with Troubled Youths Program in action

  • Welcoming an emotional support dog
  • Organization of therapeutic workshops
  • Installation of sensory soothing rooms

The Innovative Interventions with Troubled Youths Program in numbers

For 2020-2021

Number of youths who benefitted from the program
Budget allocated for the program
0 to 21 years old
Age categories of youths who received help

Thanks to Cherry, our emotional support dog funded by the Foundation, children are learning to give and receive kindness and love!

Laurence Brault-Villeneuve
Emotional Support Dog Service
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