Transitioning Towards an Autonomous Life program

11 November 2021

The transition to independent living as young adults is a pivotal period for the young people of the DYP.

The Foundation plays an essential role in preparing them for their transition, which is made more difficult as they often lack adequate family support to take this new step.

Dès l’adolescence, elle les encourage à s’interroger sur leurs aspirations et à développer leur autonomie. Les initiatives Beginning in adolescence, the Foundation encourages youths to begin creating goals for themselves and developing their autonomy. The initiatives and workshops offered allow young people to acquire new skills. These initiatives are specifically adapted to the life path of each young person and their unique needs. Concretely, they learn to develop a sense of daily organization and can envision a future for themselves that enables them to take their place in society.

During the pandemic, the Foundation increased the assistance provided to young people on their way to adulthood by 98% in order to promote their success.

Transitioning Towards an Autonomous Life program in action :

  • Financial assistance to pursue post-secondary studies
  • Workshops to prepare for adult life
  • Distribution of apartment kits: refurbished cell phone, telephone plan, grocery store gift cards
  • Integration into an internship for an initial enriching professional experience
  • Access to a temporary apartment
  • Residential stability assistance: gift cards for groceries, payment of rent in the event of loss of employment, monthly allowances for the first months of living alone

Transitioning Towards an Autonomous Life program in numbers

For 2020-2021

Number of youths who benefitted from the program
Budget allocated for the program
Age categories of youths who received help

It is important for me to say that not all children of the DYP end up on the streets. This image is overly portrayed by the media. When you’re a foster child, all you hear is that you won’t get very far in life. And by hearing it repeated over and over again, we begin to believe it.

Samuel Coulombe
Master’s student – Former DYP child
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