Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ

With kindness, generosity, and goodwill, the Foundation collectively invests in the well-being of youths in the DYP’s care to give them the self-esteem, courage and confidence to believe in the field of possibilities. In addition to its role of advocating on behalf of youth in need of protection, the Foundation also allocates resources that complement gouvernment funding to improve the well-being of DYP youths across Québec.
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Anaïs Favron

Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ
“The young people of the DYP also have the right to dream of a future where anything is possible! "

Transitioning Towards an Autonomous Life program

The transition to independent living as young adults is a pivotal period for the young people of the DYP. The Foundation plays an essential role in preparing them for their transition, which is made more difficult as they often lack adequate family... Read more

School Perseverance program

Education has the power to transform the career of a young person from the DYP. Staying in school and graduating from an educational institution are real issues for the young people from the DYP. Currently, only 25% of them have a high school diploma by... Read more

Family Support program

Some parents face serious challenges and need help to fully exercise the parental roles and responsibilities related to their child. Several factors can (mental health issues, integration difficulties among newcomers, conjugal violence, drug and alcohol... Read more

Self-esteem and Healthy Living Habits program

The young people of the DYP are affected by extreme emotional, psychological, or physical suffering. The traumatic experiences they endured during childhood and adolescence can often shatter their... Read more

Innovative Interventions for Troubled Youths program

The Foundation funds innovative therapies for young people. Some young people from the DYP have been removed from an unstable, violent, or toxic environments. The repercussions on their behaviour and personal development require appropriate and... Read more

Magic Moments

Offer unforgettable memories to young people from the DYP. The lives of the young people of the DYP are often fraught with difficult and painful moments. Whether they live in a youth centre, in a foster home, or with their families, these young people... Read more

Our impact

People aged 0 to 25

The Foundation helps young people aged 0 to 25, because you do not become an adult overnight.

6 programs

Our 6 programs evolve and grow deeper each year to meet the ongoing needs of young people.

5,000 young people

Your donations help to open up possibilities for the more than 5,000 young people who benefit from our programs each year.

$2.3 millions

In 2021-2023, $2.3 millions were donated to the cause to help young people from the DYP build a future that reflects their dreams.