How to make a donation to the Foundation

There are several ways to make a difference in the lives of young people who are in the DYP’s care.

Donations made to the Foundation are used to directly finance the various programs that support to the services of the DYP.

These programs have a direct impact on the daily lives and the futures of the young people of the DYP.

THANK YOU, on behalf of the youths of the DYP, for your generosity! 

Make a single donation

By making a donation, you contribute to the wellbeing and development of young people at the DYP. Every donation makes a difference!
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Make a monthly donation

Each month, remind the young people of the DYP that they deserve recognition, have a right to be believed in, and that we support them. With the monthly donation, you maximize your impact throughout the year.
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When you lose a loved one, the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ offers you the opportunity to bring comfort to your family in a very personal way. By making an In memoriam donation, you pay tribute to your loved one through a meaningful gesture that supports young people and offers them a brighter future.

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Planning a legacy gift

Plan your donation today to ensure support for the young people of the DYP in the future. The donation by will (or bequest) sows the hope of a brighter future for the youths of the DYP. It’s a great way to create a legacy through a kind action that underlines your ultimate commitment to the cause.

Contact a member of our team to discuss the next steps.
Discuss your legacy gift today or call 514 512-3783

Make an In honoriam donation

You can decide to pay tribute to a young person from the DYP whose story touched you, a worker whose dedication seemed exemplary to you, or a person who is dear to you. A letter will be sent to the  person informing them of your donation.

Discuss your In honoriam donation or call 514 512-3783

Companies and businesspeople are actively involved in the Foundation’s fundraising activities. Corporate donations increase the far-reaching impact of the Foundation on the lives of young people at the DYP.  From substantial donations, to employee donation or matched donation, there are many possibilities to involve your company in a brighter future for the young people of the DYP.

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CIUSSS Center-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal employees can increase their impact on the youths of the DYP. You can select an amount that will be automatically deducted from your pay cheque and donated to the Foundation. Your contribution will help improve the quality of life of the youths of the DYP.

Make a deduction at source donation

Print and fill out the donation form:

  • Fill out the form for a single donation
  • Send your form to the following address:

Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ
9335, rue Saint-Hubert
Montréal QC H2M 1Y7

To make a donation by phone or find out more about all the different types of donations, please contact Bénédicte Hustache at 514 593-2676 or