Emerging Leaders Committee

The Emerging Leaders Committee came into being five years ago. Sensitized to the stigma carried by young people from the DYP, a group of professionals wanted to make a difference in the lives of these young people. From that point forward, their good intentions have created amazing results.

Today, motivated members are involved with young people in youth centres. They have mobilized to bring hope and positivity into the daily lives of youths from the DYP. Calling upon their extensive network, members have no shortage of ideas to provide enriching and entertaining experiences for these young people!

A few of the Emerging Leaders Committee’s initiatives:

Out of the Box
Boxing sessions offered in the four centres by a professional trainer that allows young people from the DYP to relieve their stress through physical effort in a supervised environment
Gardening workshops
Introductory gardening workshop offered to young people with the collaboration of FLO, an organic flowers and plants specialist in Quebec
A Heartwarming Christmas
Distribution of 1,500 sets of gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, and ready-to-bake cookies to counter the gloomy December 2020 holiday season in the midst of a pandemic.
Board games
Renewing the board game inventory of the youth centres
Movie nights
Distribution of boxes of candies, popcorn, and DVDs for the organization of movie nights

Nuit Eden

A fundraising event organized for the benefit of the Foundation, Nuit Eden welcomes hundreds of young professionals every year in a festive and friendly atmosphere. On the program: networking, a photobooth, themed activities, and live music. In short, everything needed to spend an incredible evening in a beautiful setting, for the benefit of a good cause!

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Members of the Emerging Leaders Committee

Gabriel Goulet

Director, Sales and Inventory
EFFIX - Alliances Stratégiques

Pascale Archambault

Vice President
Inovia Capital

Stéphanie Bellemare

Habitation Building Blocks

Audrey Bonneville

Advisor - Process improvement
Ville de Montréal

Cynthia Clarke

Project Manager, Floral events
Oxide Design Floral

Maelle Gillet

Senior Manager

Cheryl Glionna

Director, Organization Performance

Camylle Lafrance

Senior Manager, Transaction Services

Amélie Lemelin

Chief financial officer
Centre Médical Mieux-être

Stéphanie St-Jean

Project Leader
Boston Consulting Group

Caroline Tremblay

Director - Information Governance
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton