School Perseverance program

November 6, 2021

Education has the power to transform the career of a young person from the DYP.

Staying in school and graduating from an educational institution are real issues for the young people from the DYP. Currently, only 25% of them have a high school diploma by the age of 19.

Yet education has the power to positively and sustainably improve the lives of young people who are dealing with major life challenges. It can also help to break the cycle of poverty. Obtaining a professional, college, or university degree contributes to their financial stability and strengthens the independence of DYP youths. They can finally take control of their lives by meeting their professional aspirations, which then become a great source of pride and self-esteem!

The Stay in School program is there to support young people at the DYP when learning challenges arise. It helps to ensure that youths have all the favorable conditions for success, while celebrating and highlighting the successes that result from all their efforts!

*study carried out by CREVAJ

In two years, the Fondation has helped over 1 400 youths in the care of the DYP, providing the support and encouragement they needed to stay in school

The School Perseverance program in action

  • Purchase of computer equipment and school materials
  • Offer of tutoring and personalized educational support
  • Specific financial assistance: payment for daycare, school fees, cafeteria, and public transit tickets
  • Granting of scholarships to reward academic perseverance

The Foundation supports young people and encourages them to pursue their efforts throughout their educational career

Thanks to your contribution, we were able to enroll a young person in a math class. They are a gifted teenager with a keen intelligence who did not have access to the same opportunities as other young people their age. He was recently admitted to an enrichment program. This is an incredible opportunity for him to dream about a brighter future for himself. Thank you!

Véronique Veilleux
Youth representative, DYP
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Data from the Foundation’s 2021-2023 impact report