Call for proposals

The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ invites organizations and other foundations working for youths who are or have been under the Youth Protection Act (YPA) – including children under the guardianship of the DYP – or under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), that are interested in obtaining financial aid to send us a proposal. Financial aid is granted to fund activities related to our common mission and to accelerate and extend the impact.

With this event, which will be repeated annually, the Fondation intends to significantly enhance the assistance it offers to youths in care by expanding its reach across the province.

When you have the ability to help, you have a duty to do so!

We continue to provide meaningful support to youths in Montreal while working with local organizations in other parts of the province to make a bigger difference for youths in care. We know we can work together, and we’re determined to make things happen.

Fabienne Audette

Key dates – Call for proposals 2024

The 2024 call for proposals is now closed. Stay tuned when we announce the selected projects in June.

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Selection process

All proposals submitted to the Fondation will be reviewed by the Allocations Committee, which plays a key role in deepening the discussion around our overall direction and the principles we hold ourselves accountable to as we enhance our offering and allocate our funds. The Committee is made up of experts, leaders, and professionals who prioritize children’s welfare and want to make a difference in the lives of struggling youth.


To learn more, please email Chental de Montigny – Interim Director of Programs, Impact and Community Relations: