Volunteering and Mentoring

Whether you are a student, worker, or retiree, we value and are so grateful to all those who wish to provide support to the young people of the DYP. The work of the volunteers involved with young people is essential. The time and attention they give them make a real difference in their daily lives.

Here are just a few things that volunteers do:

  • Take part in fun or educational activities
  • Transport youths to their appointments
  • Offer a treatment or a haircut
  • Share a passion for music, sports, or art
  • Enjoy conversations and let the young person take the lead with the subjects that interest them

Becoming a volunteer or mentor for the youths of the DYP provides them with invaluable support that helps to promote their development.

To partake in an enriching human exchange and use your experience and talents to help the youths of the DYP, contact the CIUSSS to make a request:

I want to become a volunteer View documentation