The permanent team is made up of professionals entirely dedicated to the youths of the DYP. Every day, team members set out to improve the daily lives and the future of the most vulnerable children in our society. They are a motivated team dedicated to increasing the impact of the Foundation on young people of the DYP!

Fabienne Audette

Managing director
514 593-2672

Marie-Hélène Vendette

Senior Director, Philanthropic Development and Communications
514 593-2740

Geneviève Gagnon

Director of Programs, Impact and Community Relations
514 385-5018

Bénédicte Hustache

514 593-2676

Michelle Alie

Director, Partnerships and Major Donations
514 512-3783

Tania van Zuiden

Senior Advisor, Initiatives and Programs
514 593-2676

Nathalie Choquette

Administrative agent (part time)
514 593-2676

Annick Lafleur

Communications Advisor, Relational Marketing and Philanthropic Business Intelligence
514 858-3903

Marie-Pier Lebrun

Communications Advisor, Content Marketing and Community Management
514 593-2676

Myriam Rivière

Senior Advisor, Philanthropic Development
(On maternity leave)