Portrait of DYP youths

Staggering statistics:

  • In Quebec, there are more reports to the DYP than there are births each year.
  • Currently, more than 42,000 children in the province of Quebec are being cared for by the DYP.  
  • 363 reports to the DYP are made each day in Quebec. That’s the equivalent of 7 school buses.

Age groups

0-5 years : 24 %
6-12 years : 41 %
13-15 years : 19 %
16-17 years : 16 %

Living conditions

8 %
Youth Centre, Group Home and Intermediate Resource Housing
38 %
Host Family and Outreach
54 %
Follow-up with Family

Data from Bilan des directeurs de la protection de la jeunesse, 2021-2022 (Directors of Youth Protection Report)

Nathan & Emma

Illustrator Anabel Roy uses her art to raise awareness of this raw, unbearable, and unrecognized reality. She presents a portrait of young people from the DYP in the form of cartoons. While each story conveys much suffering, they also give a glimpse of hope thanks to the support and care of a loving community.

Portrait of young people

Emma, 5 years old

Emma is a five-year-old little girl who has witnessed a lot of domestic violence. Thanks to cherry, she is now learning how to give and receive tenderness and love … Read more

Nathan, 10 years old

Nathan is a 10-year-old boy who suffered from neglect. Today, for the first time in his life, he felt important. Read more