Self-esteem and Healthy Living Habits program

11 November 2021

The Foundation offers these young people the opportunity to live positive experiences that are conducive to the development of their self-confidence.

The young people of the DYP are affected by extreme emotional, psychological, or physical suffering. The traumatic experiences they endured during childhood and adolescence can often shatter their self-esteem. The activities offered awaken new interests and passions, while giving young people the opportunity for self-discovery and the creation of their own identity.

The Foundation promotes the personal development of young people

The Self-esteem and Healthy Living Habits Program in action:

  • Purchase of sports and artistic equipment
  • Registration for community sports activities
  • Registration for summer camps and day camps
  • Creation of reading corners

The Self-esteem and Healthy Living Habits Program in numbers

For 2020-2021

Number of youths who benefitted from the program
Budget allocated for the program
Age categories of youths who received help

Thanks to the Foundation’s generosity, children training once or twice a week were visited by a karate master. Their skills increased, allowing them to earn their yellow belts. They received a kimono, a t-shirt and a diploma as gifts.

There is no need to tell you how proud they are!

Thank you for your support.

Émilie Blanchette
Childhood Educator, Phoenix Unit
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