Inspiring testimonials from DYP youths

Sharing their painful stories publicly takes a lot of courage.

Thanks to the support and generosity of the community, the testimonials of these young people reflect their determination and perseverance; their words carry a ray of hope. 

Jacques was taken into the care of the DYP from age 14 to 17. Despite the hardships caused by his parents’ alcohol addiction, he persevered by hanging onto his dream. Here is the touching story of a courageous boy who was able to show extreme resilience in dealing with the turmoil that riddled his life.

Pursuing his dream despite all the suffering

Samuel was taken into DYP care before he was even born. He was fortunate to grow up in a loving foster family, with whom he still has ties. A diligent and motivated student, he dreamed of pursuing a university education from an early age. When he arrived at Cégep, he turned to the Foundation to achieve this goal. He obtained financial support which will be continually renewed throughout his career. Today, Samuel is a master’s student at Laval University. He aims to work on natural exploitation projects in remote areas.

Direction: University!

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Cristhin joined her father in Quebec, arriving at the age of 11.  She had imagined a life overflowing with possibilities. But her dreams came quickly crashing to the ground. Cristhin was physically abused by her stepmother and suffered neglect at the hands of her father. Upon returning from a trip to visit her mother, Cristhin was horrified to find out that her father had abandoned her! Taking the courageous decision to stay in Quebec, she was taken in by the DYP and sent to a loving and reassuring foster family. With the help of her new entourage and DYP workers, she rebuilt her self-esteem.

The Foundation offered financial support to Cristhin enabling her to focus upon her studies. She is now on her way to graduating in nuclear medicine technology, Cristhin can be proud of how far she has come!

Hope after the nightmare

Walid * is a young person from the DPJ who experienced a challenging path. His adolescence was marked by family crises, delinquency, and episodes of running away. His beginnings at a Youth Centre were not easy. Walid rebelled, refusing to accept his new reality. When he was remanded to a youth centre with a higher level of control, things began to fall into place. He understood that his studies were the only way out from a life of delinquency. When he left the centre, Walid obtained financial support from the Foundation which helped him to complete his studies. He finished high school at age 21 and responded to the government’s call when there was a shortage of orderlies. Today, Walid works in a CHSLD and is continuing his studies at Cégep.

*The name is fictitious, but every detail of the story is true.

Transitioning from DPJ youth to caring orderly