Transitioning from DYP youth to caring orderly

September 22, 2020

Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships to enable young people from the DYP to pursue their academic career. This financial assistance provides the necessary impetus to start a life project and enter adulthood with confidence. This is the story of Walid *, a young man from the DYP who had walked a difficult path in his early life. In 2020, he rolled up his sleeves, and went to the front to fight Covid-19 thanks to the support received by the Foundation.

A Challenging Adolescence

Walid’s adolescence was marked by family crises, delinquency, and running away.

At home, the atmosphere quickly evolved into a climate of insecurity, tension, and violence.

Following a report to the DPY, Walid was taken to a youth centre from which he continued to run away from until he was 17 years old. His first years at the DYP were not easy. He rebelled and didn’t always make the right decisions. He wasn’t yet ready to accept the hand extended to him by educators. He was then sent to the Cité-des-Prairies rehabilitation center (CDP).

“By the time I got there, I didn’t have a choice.  I had to start doing things differently. So, I decided to focus on school.” 

A flash of insight in high school

«At 17 years old, Walid was in Secondary I. He was able to use the small size of the class and the availability of this teacher to his advantage, enabling him to accelerate his learning process. Through diligence and hard work, he completed two grades in a single year. The continued support of his educators gave him the confidence to believe in himself and his ability to succeed. Walid learned discipline and self-control, graduating high school at 21 years old.

And then, COVID hit

When the government announced a shortage of orderlies, Walid applied for accelerated training for becoming a patient attendant. Today, he works in a CHSLD, and is thriving!  “I like to talk to the elderly. It’s nice to listen to their stories. They tell me about their journeys and what they used to do. I ask them what advice they have for me. They keep telling me to enjoy my life!” 

A helping hand that made all the difference

When Whalid went back to school, the Foundation supported his efforts by funding his books, lessons and transportation. Without the Foundation’s support, Walid could not have afforded to continue his education. Today, he works and is enrolled in Cégep full time.

“I am truly grateful to everyone who saved me—the school and the Foundation are a part of that.”

So much more than financial aid

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Foundation can provide support to young people who wouldn’t be able to combine their studies with their work.

The Transition towards an Autonomous Life program encourages perseverance in school by helping youths cover certain expenses related to their studies and their daily independent lives.  Program managers provide essential support and try to break the isolation of these young adults who are living on their own.

Fabienne Audette, Executive Director of the Fondation des Jeunes de la DPJ, is proud of the accomplishments of young people like Walid, youths who are determined to succeed: “Each time a young person proudly sends a photo of his diploma or puts on his work uniform, the whole community must applaud them! “

**The name is fictitious, but every detail of the story is true

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