Magic Moments

11 November 2021

Offer unforgettable memories to young people from the DYP

The lives of the young people of the DYP are often fraught with difficult and painful moments. Whether they live in a youth centre, in a foster home, or with their families, these young people need to experience moments of carefree happiness.

While they are in the DYP’s care, the Foundation is committed to celebrating the life stages, important events, and holiday periods of these young people so that they too can feel “like everyone else”. In this way, every young person can create unforgettable memories, which they can treasure and remember while facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Happy moments that bring lightness to their hearts!

The Magic Moments Program in action:

  • Distribution of Christmas gifts
  • My Dream Day: creation of unforgettable moments specifically for each child (party, get-together, special activities)

The Magic Moments Program in numbers:

For 2020-2021

Number of youths who benefitted from the program
Budget allocated for the program
Value of goods and services
Age categories of youths who received help

A little boy crossed the US border on foot with his mother and other immigrants. When she eventually returned to Quebec, she abandoned him. This child was taken in by the DYP and was sent to a youth centre. A few months after his arrival, thanks to the Foundation, he was offered a Dream Day. It was a day at La Ronde and it was the first time since his arrival that I had seen him happy.

This is what the Foundation does—it sparks happiness.

Marylin Bell
Coordinator at the Mont-Saint-Antoine youth center
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