Whether they embody its values, support its causes or act as its voice, the public figures who ally themselves with the youth cause of the DYP play an essential role. They make the community aware of the actions that can be taken to help young people in the DYP. And, there can never be too many people who take this cause to heart!

I was born into a wealthy and caring family. A child from the DYP might be born to drug addicted parents or  into a neglectful family. The difference between us? Luck.

When I was 10, I thought family vacations, gymnastics classes, and birthdays with friends were normal. I thought that’s what all children did.  But children from the DYP? At 10 years old, they watched other young people have fun with their families, win medals, be celebrated. And they’ve known for a long, long time that their lives are very different.

I want to use my voice and say that they exist, that they are there and that they need us. You know me, when I speak my heart races and I often say things that make people react. But I will never speak loudly enough when it comes  to saying that we have to stand up for these children. Let them be reminded that they are not the sum of their parents’ mistakes.

I dream that each of the young people of the DYP will be surrounded by tender love, like the love I experienced during my childhood. Like the love we give to our children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces … And I am convinced that together we can make it happen. We can say to these children,  loud and clear: “You are important too!”

Picture Julie Artacho

Anaïs Favron, spokesperson

I support the DYP youths