Direction: University!

22 May 2021

Right from birth, Samuel’s fate was already sealed. A drug-addicted mother, an unknown father, a social worker who was waiting for him in a room adjoining the delivery room… he was a DYP stereotype as soon as he was born. But this stigma wouldn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams and his quest for a better future!

Overcoming obstacles through kindness

At 2 years old, Samuel joined the foster family where his brothers and sister were staying. It was a happy and stable time. But fate seemed to have other plans for them. At age 10, Samuel’s foster father died. The family was shattered, and the siblings were separated, his brothers taken to a youth centre. Samuel and his sister were placed with 2 different foster families. “What saddened me the most was living away from my brothers and sister.” Despite the trauma of the separation, Samuel quickly took root in his new foster family. His foster parents were caring and loving, providing him with the stability he needed to thrive. “Eleven years later, I still live with them. I am involved in the family and consider them as my mother and father.”

Education: the road to success

A calm and reserved teenager, reading occupies an important place in Samuel’s life. When he entered high school, his goal was already clear: to go to college. “I have always loved school. I wanted to perform. Succeeding, for me, was not a question—it was a destination.” He was determined to pursue his dream and gave himself the means! His foster parents also encouraged him in this direction. “I was the first of their foster children to graduate from high school. They are very proud of me.” At just 17 years old, Samuel obtained his DEC in natural sciences from Cégep Édouard-Montpetit!

Pursuing a dream

Staying true to his childhood dream, Samuel planned to enter college. But university fees were very high. His social worker then told him about the Foundation’s Transition towards an Autonomous Life program. He decided to apply for support for his studies. His tuition fees, books, school materials, and computer were fully covered by Foundation scholarships.

With his Bachelor’s Degree in hand, Samuel took a new step in the fall of 2021: he began a master’s degree in geology at Laval University. Ultimately, he wants to work on natural exploitation projects in remote areas. He has a new start in a new city, and is approaching it with confidence, a great sense of pride, and gratitude.

“It is thanks to the support of the Foundation that I am here today. “

Charting the way for young people from the DYP

Samuel wants to change the perceptions we have of the young people from the DYP. “It’s very important that we hear about our successes. If my story can help other young people have confidence in themselves, then I know I will have accomplished my mission.” 

Giving to the Foundation is a way to show youths from the DYP that the community believes in them; that it is investing in their potential and their dreams. Through the Foundation’s support young people like Samuel can pursue their ambitions and build a brighter future for themselves.

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