Allocations committee

The allocations committee will enrich the thinking behind the major orientations and principles that will guide the development of the foundation’s offering and the allocation of its funds. Committee members are acknowledged experts in the field, professionals and community leaders committed to the well-being of DYP kids and to making a difference in the lives of all young people in difficult circumstances.

Dominique Dupuis

22 February 2022

Frédérique Dupuy

30 October 2023

Jean-François Archambault

22 February 2022

Jason Champagne

11 September 2023

Annie Fournier

23 September 2022

Assunta Gallo

9 March 2022

Julie Grenier

23 February 2022

Amélie Lemelin

23 February 2022

Jean-Marc Potvin

28 March 2022