Providing equal opportunities for all youth in Quebec’s DYP

April 5, 2022

The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ extends its assistance to youth in the regions

The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ, formerly known as the Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal, marks a new chapter in its history. Today, for the first time, it has opened up its financial aid package to help young people in the DYP’s care province-wide. With this financial package, which will be renewed on an annual basis, the Foundation hopes to significantly increase the assistance it provides to the DYP’s youth – extending its reach to those in the regions.

“When you have the ability to help, you have a duty to do so!”

Since its inception in 1998, the Foundation has been working to improve the well-being of DYP’s youth, providing assistance to top up the government aid they receive. The Foundation makes it possible to meet the needs of Quebec’s most vulnerable young people through prompt and personalized support. Since 2019, the number of requests that youth protection staff have submitted to Foundation has doubled; the Foundation has in turn doubled its efforts to meet this new demand.

We strive to meet the needs of every child in Quebec’s youth protection system, regardless of where they are located!

Currently, 84% of the reports received by the DYP concern youth living in the regions. It goes without saying that a great deal of help is required. Some of these young people need our support to finish high school, while others need our help to get settled into their first adult apartment. Some of these young people urgently need to connect with a specialized therapist to help them work through a crisis. Whatever is needed, we can always find a way to lend a hand. Turning our backs on these young people is unthinkable. When you have the ability to help, you have a duty to do so.

Anaïs Favron
spokesperson for the Foundation

A promise kept: helping youth both in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec

Thanks to the expansion of its mandate last fall and the great confidence that Quebecers have placed in its work since then, the Foundation can now commit to providing additional assistance both to young people in the DYP’s care and to care leavers. The  Foundation has been able to extend its support beyond the Greater Montreal area. It can now begin funding initiatives run by organizations that are already established in other regions of the province.

It’s an innovative philanthropic model!

We will continue to provide significant support to young people in Montreal. Meanwhile, we will also help strengthen projects run by organizations that are already established in the regions. In doing so, we can work toward significantly improving outcomes for all young people in the DYP. In fewer than five months, we have succeeded in raising unprecedented public awareness around the realities faced by young people in Quebec’s care system. We have come a long way in rallying the public’s support around this very important cause. The various stakeholders in the philanthropic, social, and governmental spheres have been poised and ready for this mobilization for some time. By coming together to take action, we can move mountains, and we are ready to rise to the challeng.

Fabienne Audette
Managing Director

Call for proposals

The transition to adult life is a milestone for youths in the DYP’s care. The Foundation wants to support youths age 16 to 25 who are or have been in the care of the youth protection system to develop their independence and their transition towards independent living. An initial funding envelope was created to support youths in need of protection elsewhere in Quebec to support them in their transition to adult life.

The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ invites organizations and other foundations working for youths who are or have been under the Youth Protection Act (YPA) – including children under the guardianship of the DYP – or under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), that are interested in obtaining financial aid to send us a proposal. Financial aid is granted to fund activities related to our common mission and to accelerate and extend the impact.

Eligibility criteria

Show that the organization will directly support youths who are or have been under the YPA or the YCJA
Be located in Quebec and have proof of incorporation or provincial registration
Fall into one of the following categories of organizations:
– Existing foundation working for youths in the DYP’s carernrn- Non-profit organization (NPO) or social economy enterprise already providing services/support and showing a strong impact on this client base

Selection process

Organizations have until May 8, 2022 to apply for financial aid to fund projects for the well-being of youths in the DYP’s care.

The Allocations Committee will review proposals submitted to the Foundation in May. Confirmation of funding will be sent out no later than mid-June. The first payments will be made in late June 2022.

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