Bringing scientific knowledge to young minds

8 June 2022

This year, Publications BLD is celebrating 40 years of Les Débrouillards. To mark this important milestone, the company decided to make scientific knowledge more accessible by engaging with the community and connecting with different youth support organizations. As the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ was the obvious choice from the outset, a recent partnership was born.

Doing more for DYP youths

In March, Publications BLD made an important contribution, offering over 500 magazines (Les Explorateurs, Les Débrouillards and Curium) to youths living in youth centres. This summer, in that same spirit of generosity, the company is offering two DYP youths a stay at the Camp des Débrouillards.

Enjoying a one-of-a kind scientific experience

The Camp des Débrouillards is the place where youths get to embark on a most memorable scientific adventure. For DYP youths, attending the camp is an incredible opportunity to build self-esteem. While staying at the camp, youths will have the chance to develop positively as they forge new friendships or simply have an unforgettable time. What’s more, they could explore new interests by taking part in exciting activities like science workshops, treetop aerial games, rock climbing or zip lining.

Most importantly, however, they would get to feel “like everyone else.”

Thank you to Publications BLD for supporting DYP youths!

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