Youths get active during the summer!

August 24, 2021

Nearly 200 young people from the DYP who were living in a youth centre took part in the sports activities at Université de Montréal’s Club Optimiste this summer! They loved the opportunity to move and discover new sports disciplines!

Return to physical activity

Several physical activities are offered to young people according to their interests and abilities. They are designed and run by passionate and motivated physical education and health students at the Université de Montréal. In total, more than fifteen activities and more than 200 hours of instruction are offered throughout the summer.

It’s an amazing opportunity for young participants to discover new sports that are unknown to them, or to improve the sports they already practice. Gross motor activities, chase games, team and cooperation sports… there are so many options and choices to make!

Participating might even unearth new interests and passions!

Discovering the benefits of sport

This initiative was created to encourage young people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle for the course of their lives. The club’s activities have many benefits on the emotional, socio-cognitive and physical development of young people. Over the weeks, caregivers noticed obvious progress in their behaviour and self-esteem. Youths are more open to others and are motivated to overcome new challenges!

It’s an inspiring initiative funded through the generosity of the community and the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation. A loyal partner of the Foundation, it enables young people from the DYP to be active during the summer!

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