Christmas Campaign

At Christmastime, let’s bring hope

The last few years have brought their share of challenges. The pandemic, inflation, and the housing crisis… these issues have marked us all and have hit the most vulnerable in our society the hardest.

Youths in the care of the DYP are among those most affected by these crises. More than ever, they need us to mobilize for them and to bring them hope!

Until December 31,
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* up to $50,000

Jacques was formerly a youth in the care of the DYP who suffered extensive trauma and a lot of negligence. Despite his difficult life growing up, Jacques was able to show great resilience. But sometimes, courage is not enough. We need the whole community to help us!

Give them the best gift: Achievement

When a youth loses faith, we need to bring hope to him or her. Youths in the care of the DYP are also entitled to dream of a future where everything is possible

Anaïs Favron
Fondation spokesperson

No student should have to choose between building a future or working to pay their rent. No mother should be afraid of not being able to fill their child’s lunchbox. No youth should have to say: “I’d certainly be capable, but I don’t have anyone to help me succeed.”

Currently, one out of three youths1 leaving DYP foster care will experience at least one episode of homelessness before the age of 21.

How do you achieve your dreams when they no longer seem like a priority? How do you find your way when you’re carrying so much suffering inside you? You need others to have faith for you.

This year…

In Québec
1 in 4 youths
transitioning to adulte life have received support from the Fondation
2X more food assistance
to youths and families in distress
of the funds allocated to its programs to promote mental health for youths in the care of the DYP

Together we can do more for them!

Join us in providing critical support to youths in the care of the DYP.

Learn about Nathan’s story, a 10-year-old boy who was neglected and how your donation makes a difference in his life.

With the support of

1 Étude sur le devenir des jeunes placés (EDJEP), Chaire-réseau de recherche sur la jeunesse au Québec, Rapport sur les jeunes participants au Programme Qualification Jeunesse, Rapport_PQJ.pdf (edjep.ca)