Netiquette is the rules of conduct to be observed on the web.

Discussion on our various social networks is strongly encouraged. However, we ask you to be respectful in your discussions and focus them on the subject at hand.

Exchanges on the platforms are done in French.

All comments are read, however certain comments may be removed if the messages:  

  • Are hateful, violent, aggressive, racist, disgraceful, sexist, or homophobic
  • suggest illegal activity
  • contain promotional (advertising) messages
  • contain religious or political views
  • contain confidential information
  • appear completely in capital letters
  • are out of context

A user violating netiquette may have their posts and comments removed without notice and their access privileges will be suspended.

Please note that the Foundation reserves the right to modify the netiquette at any time without notice.

The messages and comments on the Foundation’s platforms do not necessarily reflect the Foundation’s positions.

The Foundation’s social media administrator reserves the right to withdraw any comments that violate this netiquette. In the event of repeated abuse, the administrator reserves the right to ban the user from the platforms.

For any questions or comments, please send us a message at