A new partnership with the Quebec CPA Foundation

July 5, 2023
New partnership with the CPA Foundation

The Fondation is proud to announce a new partnership with the Quebec CPA Foundation. By contributing to our Transitioning Towards an Autonomous Life program, the CPA Foundation will support youths in the care of the DYP along their academic journey, while encouraging them to stay in school.

Earning trade, college or university credentials empowers youths in care and helps them achieve financial stability. With a degree in hand, youths can finally take control of their lives, building a strong sense of pride and self-esteem as they reach their career aspirations.

Over the next three years, six youths will benefit annually from the support provided by the CPA Foundation. Part of the funds will go towards tuition fees, books, and school supplies, giving youths the tools they need to stay in school. Youths will also receive financial assistance to buy food and clothing so they can feel confident.

The CPA Foundation believes that all youths deserve equal access to education regardless of their cultural and family background or their financial situation. Contributing to their academic success means providing them with opportunities for growth while investing in the future. It’s the perfect way to help shape the vibrant society of tomorrow.

Marie-Josée Hamel
Executive Director of the Quebec Chartered Professional Accountants Foundation

A new partnership helping to create a professional network

In addition to providing financial support, the Quebec CPA Foundation will give youths the chance to connect with mentors working in accounting. Youths can use that invaluable opportunity to make career plans and build up a network in their future industry, which is very reassuring.

Our new partnership with the CPA Foundation will provide much-needed assistance to youths in care who want to go into accounting. We’re sending them the message that they can do it and that they have the support they need to reach their full potential.

Fabienne Audette
Managing Director, Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ

About the CPA Foundation

The CPA Foundation encourages and emphasizes the pursuit of education and academic excellence in the various fields of expertise of CPAs as well as in other areas by offering scholarships or grants to students of all academic levels and to professors.

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