Celebrating our graduates!

11 July 2023

This year too marks a key turning point in the lives of many youths in the care of the DYP who went on to postsecondary education and received support along their journey through the School Perseverance program run by the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ. To acknowledge their hard work and celebrate their graduation, we hosted an after-hours recognition event at the ITHQ in Montreal on Thursday, June 29, in partnership with the CCSMTL youth program management team.

Some of our honourees, like Christin, were recognized for their inspiring journeys. Christin, who recently shared her story in LaPresse, finished her degree in nuclear medicine technology and earned the highest grade in Quebec on her licensing exam. Other young people who successfully navigated their academic journeys completed degrees in natural sciences, fitting and welding, police technology, and professional baking.

Congratulations to all young graduates who’ve come such a long way! You have set an example, giving other young people hope and inspiring them to go on. I am sure you will go far and so are the thousands of donors who’ve been supporting you all along.

Geneviève Gagnon
Director of Programs, Impact and Community Relations

Surrounded by their loved ones, the young graduates received praise and congratulations on their achievements in a joyful and festive atmosphere. Attendees included adults who play a significant role in the young people’s lives, such as dedicated caseworkers, parents, spouses, and Fondation members representing the many donors who believe in our youths and help them in their efforts.   

I want to acknowledge our caseworkers who have done a wonderful job supporting these young people in school, all the way through. A big shout-out to specialized educators Josée Duranleau and Johanne Baril. This gala would not have been possible without them. Their caring presence made a real difference in the academic lives of these youths, and we are deeply grateful to them.

Catherine Archambault-Lafond
Director, Social Integration Service (interim)

The event was the perfect way to remind young people that, by taking control of their academic journeys, they can get into the driver’s seat and make their own choices in life. Following such a show of collective commitment and a successful evening, the graduates will be heading into the future feeling valued and appreciated.

In 2022–2023, the Fondation supported 107 youths in care as they pursued their postsecondary education. The Fondation is always there for youth in the care of the DYP, helping to pay for tuition fees and IT equipment or providing rent and food assistance, making sure the youths have everything they need to succeed.

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