CIBC Foundation making a difference for youths in care

March 29, 2023

Almost every donation has a heartwarming story behind it. Like when employees are passionate about a cause and their employer decides to support them in their philanthropic efforts. The donation CIBC Foundation made to the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ is part of such a story, marking a strong relationship that has grown over the years. Today, that relationship has reached a new milestone as CIBC Foundation donated $50,000 to help youths in the care of the DYP stay in school.

Pictured : Claudine Chalifour, Project Manager, CIBC Capital Markets, and Josée Langlais, Department Head, Youth Program

For over 10 years now, CIBC employees have been coming together during the holidays to deliver gifts to youths in care. The fundraiser is a huge operation that brings together hundreds of employees volunteering under the lead of Claudine Chalifour, Project Manager, CIBC Capital Markets, and Valéry Noël, Advisor, Community Impact and Sponsorship Initiatives, CIBC.

Every year, volunteers deliver close to 1,000 gifts worth over $30,000. But the best part is that our most vulnerable children get a visit from Santa and wake up to a merry Christmas morning—all thanks to the generosity of CIBC employees.

The story could have ended there and it would have still been great. Yet, seeing how committed its employees were to supporting youths in care, CIBC decided to go one step further and help address the sensitive issue of youths dropping out of school.

CIBC believes in creating social opportunities. Improving access to education for youths in care is one specific way to achieve that. We are determined to remove barriers to education and create positive change for those youths.

Rosa Trunzo
Senior Vice President and Region Head, Quebec Region, Personal and Business Banking, CIBC

To fully understand the issues youths in care are facing in school, CIBC executives met with youth centre staff who work with young people on a daily basis.

Sometimes you come out of a meeting, with a different perspective on the situation. That’s what happened to us at our meeting with Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ. The work that is being done to support those youths on a daily basis is impressive, and we are proud that CIBC is now part of that effort.

Éric Laflamme
Managing Director, Innovation Banking Quebec Region, CIBC

Education is invaluable and has the power to transform young lives. Still, the graduation rate among youths in care is alarmingly low. Currently only 25% of them have a high school diploma at age 19 (according to a study by CREVAJ).

We are fortunate to benefit from the support of CIBC Foundation and to have such a strong connection with everyone there. This is the beginning of a new chapter in a wonderful relationship centred on the needs of youths in the care of the DYP.

Fabienne Audette
Managing Director, Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ

The Fondation is very grateful for the special partnership with CIBC Foundation and the support it provides to prevent youths in care from dropping out of school.


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