Half a million dollars invested in young people during the pandemic

September 15, 2021

Despite the climate of uncertainty in which we have been plunged for over a year, the pandemic has brought back a strong sense of mutual aid and benevolence in the community. Thanks to the support of collaborators, donors, volunteers, and big-hearted partners, the Foundation quickly managed to meet the urgent and essential needs of young people in the DYP.

When COVID comes into the lives of DYP youths

The pandemic has had a particularly devastating effect on the most vulnerable young people in our society, those of the DYP. Class closures, confinement, loss of consistency, new health rules … these changes have created additional difficulties for young people for whom stability is a fundamental and essential element.

From the first months of the crisis, the Foundation was called upon to respond to urgent needs in terms of number and intensity.

The community comes together for the cause

Despite the challenges encountered within this context of uncertainty and thanks to the mobilization of the community, the Foundation has shown great responsiveness and flexibility.

Through the extraordinary support of three essential partners, the Foundation was able to deploy the Covid-19 Emergency Fund. Nearly half a million dollars have been injected to provide DYP teams with the support they need to help young people through this ordeal.

A big thank you to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, the Fondation du Grand Montréal and Desjardins who, through their generous contributions, made it possible to take the following actions:

  • $145,000 for the purchase of computer equipment and the financing of internet connection costs for young people
    Goal: to allow them to continue their courses at a distance and keep in touch with their relatives and social workers.
  • Financial support offered to more than 150 families and young people of the DYP transitioning to adulthood for the payment of their rent
    Goal: to ensure residential stability.
  • Tutoring, monitoring of studies and scholarships for hundreds of young people
    Goal: to provide personalized assistance to overcome learning challenges and participate in academic success
  • 3 times more food support provided to young people of the DYP and their families as well as to young people transitioning toward adulthood (purchase of food cards and distribution of food baskets).
  • Distribution of 400 0–5-year-old stimulation kits to the most vulnerable young people 

The essential support provided during the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the health, wellbeing, and development of young people in the DYP.

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