New collaboration with Gatineau Health Foundation to benefit youths

October 14, 2022

As part of its new regional initiatives support fund, the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ is proud to partner with the Gatineau Health Foundation. To help even more youths, the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ has committed $45,000 to the Gatineau Health Foundation to fund the project that provides support in qualifying youths in their transition to adulthood.

This donation from the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ will leave an indelible mark on the quality of services that we provide here in the Outaouais region.

Jean Pigeon
Director general, Gatineau Health Foundation

The health and precarious social situation of youths in the care of the DYP who will be reaching the age of majority remain real concerns. In the Outaouais region, much like other regions in Quebec, these youths need tremendous support to pursue their education, to plan their life and to build a brighter future.

The purpose of the financial support offered by the Fondation is to improve outreach services available to vulnerable youths by giving them access to the help they need to start their transition toward independent living.

This support comes in many forms:  funding an apartment starter kit, furniture, bus pass, tuition fees, etc.

The CISSS de l’Outaouais is very pleased to be able to count on this funding, which is an invaluable help. This financial support allows the youths to meet their basic expenses and support them in gaining their independence.

Martine Bilodeau
Director of youth programs at CISSS de l’Outaouais
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