The program team welcomes a new colleague

September 27, 2022

The Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ is pleased to announce the appointment of Tania Van Zuiden, who has accepted the role of Senior Advisor, Initiatives and Programs. This newly created position at the Fondation will help us develop and implement various programs that provide assistance to youth in care.

We are very excited to welcome Tania to the Fondation. Tania’s strong analytical skills and unwavering dedication will be key in helping the Fondation develop and update its programs at a time when demand for such programs is greater than ever.

Fabienne Audette
Managing Director

Tania worked for the City of Montréal for 13 years and held different roles there, including liaison officer for the Outremont borough, which involved designing and implementing procedures that foster collaboration among multiple partners. We will leverage her ability to provide support and her strong organization skills to operationalize and monitor the Fondation’s many projects intended to ensure the well-being of youths in need of protection.

Her inquisitive and open-minded nature has led her to participate in a number of international cooperation programs, and she has worked with many international partners in Burkina Faso, Nicaragua and India.

Today, Tania continues to be involved in the community as chair of the board of directors of a childcare centre and as a child passenger safety technician.

Drawing on her experience working and connecting with people, she decided to commit herself professionally to a cause that is important to her: ensuring the well-being of children.

It’s amazing to be doing a job that I feel is in line with my deepest personal convictions! And that’s exactly what I get to do by joining the wonderful team here at the Fondation. 

Tan Van Zuiden

Welcome to the team, Tania!

Tania Van Zuiden
Senior advisor, initiatives and programs | 514 593-2676