Providing an independent living experience

February 15, 2023

Thanks to financial support from The Home Depot Canada Foundation and the Thérèse Casgrain Foundation, the Esplanade—a self-contained apartment for teenagers in the care of the DYP—will be furnished and ready to receive girls who want to try out living in an apartment before making the big leap to adulthood.

The Esplanade project is for girls aged 12 to 18 and the first of its kind in the Montreal area. Two teens at a time can live in two lofts for a fixed period. The teens will be supported by the Esplanade group home workers but they will need to take care of their own groceries, their budget and housekeeping.

The project was born out of a need often expressed by former youths in the care of the DYP who say they experienced hardships once they started living in an apartment or a community resource. The difference between living in a youth group home and living independently is quite drastic and it can be a real challenge adapting to such a change.

I went to visit it and it’s really beautiful, it’s quite different from the youth centres! If I live there, I would add some plants and my own decoration

A youth who could imagine living in the loft

The teenagers will also be asked to decorate their space to create a safe and familiar place for themselves.

Moving into your first apartment is a major milestone. The excitement of a first move can bring on a lot of emotions: fear, stress and anxiety…

It’s a major step for these girls to do this experiment, because they don’t really have any alone time at the youth centre. They are always surrounded by other teens and adults. This will allow them to ask themselves if they are really ready to live alone

Marie-Michèle Giguère
clinical activity specialist at the Esplanade home

A big thank you to The Home Depot Canada Foundation and the Thérèse Casgrain Foundation for making this loft a welcoming and comfortable place for youths in the care of the DYP!

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