Montreal Alouettes visit youths in the care of the DYP for Hooked on School Days

February 19, 2024

Martin Bédard, former Montreal Alouettes player; Nancy Audet, proud supporter of the Foundation; Frédéric Chagnon, Montreal Alouettes player; Fabienne Audette, Manging Director of the Foundation;David Côté, Montreal Alouettes player; Mark Weightman, President & CEO of Montreal Alouettes

Every year, we celebrate Hooked on School Days in February, a reminder of how important it is for youths to get an education as it will impact their lives and shape their future. On these special days, football players from the Montreal Alouettes, a Fondation partner, visited youths at three Montreal youth centres, where they spent time talking about staying in school, sports and sharing their stories.

Albeit school can be challenging for all young people, those in youth protection are more likely to have problems while in school due to the experiences and challenges they have lived through. Therefore, it’s important to seize any opportunity for them to have positive experiences that inspire and motivate them.

From February 12 to 15, footballers David Côté, Frederic Chagnon and Martin Bédard went to meet with young people and talked about staying in school, and generously shared their own stories pitted with academic challenges. From Cité-des-Prairies to Mont Saint-Antoine via the Rose-Virginie-Pelletier youth centre, these visits gave the youths the chance to talk with the players, have their pictures taken with the players and get autographs (some were all smiles as they had their football or favourite sneakers signed).

This partnership between the Fondation and the Alouettes raised funds for the Fondation from the 50/50 Draws and enabled many youths in care to attend football games. It was the first time the players went out to visit youths in their home environment. Great discussions were had at these meetings, which proved just as rewarding for players and youths alike. It really pumped up the youths to finish the school year on a high note.

The Fondation would like to thank the Alouettes for their generosity and commitment to youths in the care of the DYP and to everyone who helped make these visits possible.

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